Boss DR-01S - Drum Machine, Accessories

Check out the video on this amazing unit! Click here. So versatile and portable, at only $319.99, you can't go wrong.

Drum Sticks - drums, percussion

There are two things happening in this photo. First off, the foreground sticks are not only an amazing deal and have some of the best grips around, the background shows that you can get 4 sets of sticks for the price of 3. Sounds like that old tire commercial right? Well, it's true, and at $29.99 how can you go wrong?

Guitar Stand - Guitar Accessories

$10.00 each!!!!!!

D'Addario Strings - Guitar Strings

Again, how can you beat our prices?

D'Addario Strings - Guitar Strings

How do you beat the price? If you drive to the big city to get yours, then you've pretty much doubled the price of them just going there and back!

Line 6 Wireless Microphone - Wireless

One of the best on the market

MTR101A - Studio Mic Kit

This is a studio microphone kit designed for the vocalist while in the studio

Sure Vocal Microphone - PGA58

Another one of those Shure products you know you can rely on

Shure SM57 and SM58 Vocal Microphones - Vocal Microphone

The industry standards for vocals and instruments. When you want to sound good, then these are the ones to get. Give us a call or better yet, come on down.


Use one line to power up to 5 effects pedals

1SPOT - Multiplug Cable

Power up to 8 effects pedals

Male to Male Connectors - 1/4" Connectors

With your pedals on your board, you can use these 1/4" connectors to reduce the clutter

Grover Tuners - Tuners

Grover is a well respected name on the market for tuners. If you want a great product, these are what you are looking for. Warren can install them for you if required.

Saxaphone strap - Strap

You need a strap for your sax and this is a very economical choice. This has a quick adjust buckle.

Folk Master Harmonica - Harmonica

If you have ever wanted to play the harmonica, here is a great choice!

Suzuki Harmonicas - Harmonicas

You know you want one :)

Rico Royal Alto Sax Reed - Sax Reed

There are many different types and sizes, you should make sure what you want or bring in your old one with you to make sure you get the correct reed.

Profile iPad holder - iPad/Notebook Holder

When your on stage and you need to keep you iPad that has your lyrics on it close to you, this is your best choice. A popular item that attaches quickly to your mic stand.

Guitar String - All the best names

You know what you want, and you can trust that we have it. D'Addario, NYXL, Martin and all the big trusted names for all types of guitars.

PGA Drum Kit Microphone Kit - 7 Piece Microphone Kit

This is a 7 piece microphone kit designed for the acoustic drummer. Come on in and have a look for yourself.

Drum Sticks - Drum Sticks

Many sizes and weights for the drummer

For the drummer

Check em out. Do we get tired of saying our prices are some of the best anywhere? Nope, we stand behind it.

Guitar Straps - Guitar Accessories

We have a very wide variety of guitar straps available. And as usual if we don't have it, chances are that Warren can find it and will order it for you.

Tamborine - Accessories

Who doesn't need a little tamborine in their life? :)

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