BOSS Katana 100 Head - amplifier

Priced to move at $499.99, the 100 watt Katana-Head is equipped with an effects loop and MIDI for integration with advanced rigs, and features a convenient built-in monitor speaker for tone preview and practice without a cab. Check this web site out for details and more...

BOSS Katana 100 - amplifier

The new in stock BOSS Katana 100 watt offers up some serious sound. It has a 12" speaker and it is loud! Of course you don't  need to turn it all the way up, but when you want to, it is there for you! This is the bigger brother to the Katana 50 watt.

Boss Katana 50 - amplifier

Well, what more needs to be said? It's from BOSS so you know it's going to be a quality product. How can you go wrong with the price for what you are getting?

Beaver Creek Acoustic Amplifier - amplifier

This is a very affordable amplifier and is small enough to pack around with little effort and sound great when you plug into it. The sound is more than you might expect!

Blues Cube Amplifier - amplifier

This amp is exactly what it says, it's great for getting those blues sounds you expect.

Blues Cube Amplifier II - amplifier

This is a bigger version of the other Blues Cube, with more power and more of what you are expecting for those blues sounds.

Bugera Amplifier - amplifier

At this price, you are getting more than you should be. The sound is incredible and you can easily move this set from show to show. Won't break your back or your bank account. Come try it out!

Fishman Amplifier - amplifier

Fishman, nuff said! Another one of those great Fishman products that you are going to be amazed at!

Gretsch Amplifier - amplifier

If you don't know that name Gretsch, you need to get out more :) A great little amp for the money! You got to hear it to believe it.

Hartke Bass Amp - amplifier

This amp will blow you away. The sound is amazing and leaves you feeling it too. Loud or quiet it sound awesome! Wait, did we say quiet? What are we talking about..... turn it up!

Amp Heads and speakers - amplifier

Yes we have different brand name amps and the speaker cabinets you get you the sound combination you are looking for. Come one down and try them out!

Krank Amplifier - amplifier

Krank amps are a quality amplifier that you can't turn down. This is a used unit, but well worth the investment. Just like all the products in our store, you have to hear it to understand.

Laney Amplifier - amplifier

Laney.... a name that has been around for a long time. There's a reason for that... come have a listen!

Line 6 Amplifier - amplifier

This is a used unit, but as a Line 6 product you will find that there are some pretty cool things you can do with this, and if you have a smart phone you won't be disappointed. Talk to Warren and get the low-down on it.

Line 6 Amplfier - amplifier

Again, another Line 6 amp that you most certainly won't be disappointed with. They too have been around a while and make some pretty high end stuff at affordable prices. This is more than what you will need for the bedroom guitarist :)

Mini Amplifier - amplifier

Do not let the size of these heads fool you. These will power your speakers so well, that you will have NO trouble keeping up with the rest of the band. Don't believe us? Come down and try one out. There are at least 3 different versions for the sound you are looking for. Price? You can't pass them up!

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